Sophie opened TEDx Liverpool 2016 and given her attitude and achievements she was an obvious choice.

Sophie is an exceptional speaker and human being who has gathered life experiences and ideas worth sharing!

She is as real as they come and fits brilliantly into the production and speaker team as well as being able to create an inspirational atmosphere with the audience
— Herb Kim, Founder TedX Liverpool
Sophie provided a fascinating motivational and insightful presentation into the journey she has been on. It was illuminating to hear from Sophie on how she utilises the power of sport to develop not only herself but the younger generations. Attendees left feeling inspired by Sophie’s varied and positive talk.
— Rob Singleton, Banana Kick, Head of Business Development & Sponsorship
Sophie, you are amazing - not only for feats you have accomplished but more importantly, the person you are. It was my distinct privilege and pleasure to meet you as part of this conference. Your presentation was inspiring and informative. It is important to challenge the status quo and follow your heart. I love the 5 Cs: Cause, Champion, Change, Collaborate and Community. And thank you for the reminder – we all have only one life and we should live it
— Dolores Moro, Senior Strategist, International Trademark Association
Working with Sophie has been a fantastic –she was professional, flexible and overflowing with enthusiasm, a total breath of fresh air. She manages to produce high quality of work but with that magic element of spontaneity which is so important in the digital environment. Both Discover the World and the team at Fiona Reece PR would not hesitate to work with her again.
— Fiona Reece – Fiona Reece PR / Discover the World
Working with Sophie has been a real pleasure – such an energetic and easy-going woman! Also, this has been one of the most exciting projects I’ve worked on recently and Sophie has made it even more stimulating thanks to her innate enthusiasm and excitement about sports and the outdoors. Our client is very pleased with her content, it clearly shows the great time Sophie had in Tenerife and I’m sure it will inspire many people to get more active next time they visit the sunny island.
— Enrique Martin - Visit Tenerife
Sophie, you wise, calm, clever, strong, supreme chick. You were so impressive on Monday night. I kept watching your mama watching you. It was completely delightful. In the meantime I’ve told your stories to everyone I’ve met since. I’ve become a Sophie bore. Except, of course, you yourself are the opposite.
Thank you for speaking. And again, any support either Conde Nast Traveller or I can give going forward, let me know….
Much love, Melinda
— Melinda Stevens - CONDÉ NAST TRAVELLER Editor
Sophie, I was so glad when PJ told me you were going to join us for the conference in Paris. I remember so well your presentation in New York the previous year. I couldn’t imagine that there could be anything better than that but I forgot who was speaking. You topped yourself and you do that because of your bravery and willingness to be part of the change the world needs! Thank you for continuing to inspire and motivate us all!

Thank you – for showing us a path we should all aspire to and doing so with grace and beauty! It remains my distinct privilege and pleasure to work with you on these programs. You were a key reason that the conference exceeded our expectations with high quality sessions and interactive discussions. We could not have accomplished such a great program without your contribution.
— Dolores - International Trademark Association
Sophie came to speak at one of our Women’s Network events and was a pleasure from start to finish. The guests really enjoyed her speech and over a week later people are still talking about her inspiring stories. Sophie was more than happy to speak to the guests before and after the event which added an extra special touch. Thank you Sophie for coming along and sharing your experiences with us, I hope we can work together in the future.
— KPMG Siobhan Regan-Presky, HR Manager
Brooks were more than happy to jump on board with Sophie’s next challenge, London to Brighton. Having met Sophie once before, we quickly noticed her passion for a challenge, masses of enthusiasm all whist holding a smile (and a balloon). Sophie and gang completed their London to Brighton challenge in Run Happy style and documented their journey through social media. Their communication helped ignite the Brooks philosophy – the Run Happy spirit amongst their running community.
— BROOKS RUNNING UK Sophia Marks, Marketing Manager
Each year we hold an annual Clear Channel Conference to achieve three main objectives 1) reward our teams for the great work they did the previous year, 2) give them a clear vision of what needs to be done for the following year, 3) excite and inspire them to challenge themselves to be the best they can be.

Without a doubt the hardest objective is number 3, this year we decided to get Sophie to talk to the teams about her experiences. Sophie articulated brilliantly that if you put your mind to something you can achieve almost anything. It takes hard work, determination and lots of courage.

By sharing her experiences and demonstrating how she achieved what she did really did inspire the teams to believe that giving up before you even start is an easy option, how it’s better to fail trying then not try at all. All these stories really resonated with the teams. Sophie’s open and honest approach ensured people were captivated by what she was saying and made it all the more powerful. It added a great deal to the conference and really helped achieve our 3rd objective.
— CLEAR CHANNEL Chris Pelekanou, Commercial Director
It’s a pleasure having Sophie on board as sponsored athlete. We couldn’t ask for more in a brand ambassador; she is active not only in terms of all the extreme sporting challenges she takes on but also as a voice for the brands who support her along the way.
— SCICON BAGS Hollie Weatherstone, Social Media Manager
Having followed Sophie on Social Media for well over a year, when I was looking for a speaker for our Discovery Women’s Network events to support International Women’s day & the #PRESSFORPROGRESS theme she seemed like the perfect choice. She opened our week with an engaging, motivating and inspiring talk sharing her personal experiences regarding changing career, building her confidence and making her ideas a reality. I know lots of people left the session feeling very motivated and inspired. Thank you for taking the time to come and speak with our group!
— Tracy Turnbull, Senior HRIS & Analytics Manager
It was an absolute pleasure to work with Sophie from start to finish, she put in so much positive energy and input throughout the whole event, leading Team Deman from LA to Miami.

The way she led Team Deman throughout the two weeks, showed outstanding leadership skills through tough, fast racing, challenging terrain and fatigue; it was clear that every moment I saw the team together how strong a team bond and spirit they had formed.

It was everything we had created in our vision over two years ago, and so so much more!

Sophie’s additional work on the content, blogging and social media while on the event, and fitting this in around the racing when she must have been exhausted, was all much appreciated.

Sophie put 110% into Race the World and we’d recommend her to anyone looking for a ride captain or mentor on their event.
— RACE THE WORLD, LIMELIGHT SPORTS Leyanne Jenkins, Race Director
Sophie was fantastic to work with on the #NextStopLatinAmerica documentary. She helped hugely with the planning of the whole project, gave lots of insight and ideas throughout it, and then blew our expectations when it came to delivery. The blog posts she wrote, social media posts, and photos and videos she took throughout the trip were all fantastic and the client loved them. The final series we made about the journey was hugely engaging, and she was the perfect choice to present the series. We’ll work with her again.
— EPICTV, Alan Sim, Executive Director
Sophie is always up for a challenge! Her approach is always enthusiastic but kind and modest as well.
Great to see the output of projects we’ve done together online. The lay out is great, pictures are high resolution and the words are inspiring.
— PROTEST Eva Krul, Athlete Manager
Enthusiastic, passion and driven. Sophie’s postivity and smile enlighten the shoots we did together. She’s definitely a committed and very hard worker who will go the extra mile to go from a good shot to an excellent one and produce outstanding results. I cant wait for our next collaboration!
Sophie was the lead cyclist of 70 riders on the recent Tech Bikers Paris to London Cycling Challenge. Working as a key member of CycleFriendly’s 10 strong Support Team, Sophie displayed great leadership in motivating and controlling eager cyclists and yet managing their expectations whilst maintaining clear communications when required with the rest of the Team. Sophie’s cycling expertise was second to none. A valuable team player who will always be sought after for similar future events.
— TECHBIKERS Jonathan Friend, Event Director
It was fantastic having Sophie taking part in Race to the Stones. Our events are all about regular people stretching themselves and she is inspirational in the way she pushes her limits and is able to communicate her experiences so clearly to others.
— THRESHOLD SPORTS Nick Tuppen, Event Director