I love pushing myself physically and mentally. I love being in the pain cave because it's there that I find out the most interesting things about myself that help me to learn and grow into the person and athlete I'd love to become. Beyond that, I love doing things that make me smile.

Eating chocolate and drinking beer. Taking baths. Travelling the world. Laughing with friends. Watching Ted Talks in onesies. Conversations that last until the sun comes up. Sleeping under the stars. Leaving home with my bike, passport and credit card and going where the wind takes me. Mountains, sunrises and lakes. I'm not a natural early riser but I prefer to exercise in the morning to set my day up in the right way. I've lived in cities and in the mountains.

I'm half British, half American. I'm more into personal best than being the first or fastest. I obsess about what something means to me and my journey to get there, not what it means to others or how it compares to them. I believe in dreaming. I focus on fun, and strive for happiness and fulfilment, not perfection. My philosophy is "One Life, Live It"; every day I challenge myself to live a little more, and be the best I can be. I love motivational quotes. I believe in the power of aiming high and self-belief. I believe in YOU. 

Sophie Radcliffe